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Rediscover Who You Are...

Do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed, or angry at your kids and your partner?

BUT then you feel guilty because you wanted to be a mama, but you're just not happy.

At Rumble Rise Thrive, we help mums let go of overwhelm and step into calm.


I’m Marija Castellari, mum of 3, and I'm passionate about helping other women let go of mother guilt, prioritise their needs, and start living with joy.

Why? Because when you’re happy everyone's happy!

I know how hard it can be after becoming a mum. You become so used to nurturing others, that you start to lose your own sense of identity and purpose. Your needs tend to come last.

And you begin to neglect your needs, you end up losing your identity and you start questioning, “Who am I?”.  "What ARE my needs?"

I understand your struggle...

Thirteen years ago, I suffered with postnatal depression.
Being a positive person my entire life,

I was really shocked by how deeply sad I felt at the loss of control in my life.
With each monotonous daily chore I lost my identity and sense of purpose.

I really didn’t know what to do about it, or who could help me.

I found my answer after I hired a life coach. 
I went through their program and I learned to trust myself again,

knowing that I have all the answers. I discovered I’m great at listening,

asking questions and motivating others,

and now, my purpose is to be your coach!

My mission is to be your cheerleader 
- to help you get your needs met, feel happier and fulfil your dreams

(without sacrificing your need to be a wonderful Mama).

You're not struggling because you're doing motherhood wrong.

Let me assure that you don't have to try harder and do more to feel happier.

I can show you how to think differently and do LESS.


"The coaching sessions were invaluable to me as they helped me think clearer about what I needed, rather than what I wanted. I am happier now and appreciate all that Marija has done for me. I would whole heartily recommend Marija and her life coaching sessions."

Lisa Cooksley
Mum of two

"I just find I am always rushing and you are so right, I need to be present in the moment to make sure I enjoy every little bit of my little boys growing up and to really enjoy the stage that they are at, all whilst trying to remain calm in this crazy life of mum, work etc. So thank you for sharing your program. It's fantastic!"

Karina Pellicone
Mum of two

You're not alone!

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