The ONE person you don't expect to let you down in motherhood...


I bet you can name at least one person who’s let you down at some point in your life.

Maybe it was a friend, a family member, your colleague or your partner.

I recall this one particular time I was let down...

My manager and boss were discussing my job performance with me over the last year. I was eagerly waiting (in anticipation for praise) for my manager to share with my boss how I had been doing some of her work for her while my manager was working on another project…. I waited, and waited, and waited.

I was completely blind-sided - it did not come.

Not only did it not come, but my manager did not praise or recognise all the overtime I’d done, just to get her work done.

Has something like that ever happened to you?

I thought I would not get blind-sided like that again, but motherhood is rife with blind-sides…things that you didn’t see coming e.g.

“Opportunities for growth” (a.k.a. – “bloody hard-work!”)
“Spiritual awakenings (a.k.a. – “nervous breakdowns”); or
“The most amazing experience” (a.k.a. – “the most testing time in your life)
The biggest blind-side however, was not what I expected…

You see, in the past, I would:

Set my mind to achieve something, and I did it.
Put the effort in, and get things done.
Seek the information I needed, and find the answer.
And, I was always looking outside myself for my role in life.

Who am I?
Who do I need to be?
What do I need to do to feel worthy…to feel valued…to feel loved…

I was constantly looking to control my world around me so I could make sure I could feel how I wanted to feel.


I was




How could I get those things I needed to feel safe and secure in this world?

Does that feel familiar?

But, do you know the one person who let me down in all of this searching?



I had let myself down.

I wasn’t there for me.


I wasn’t there to listen to what I wanted…to what I needed…to question:

“Who would ‘I’ like to be?

“What would ‘I’ like to do?

“How would ‘I’ like to feel?


Wow, therapy has been a big awakening for me.


I’ve slowly started to be there for myself.


I invite you to think about: In what ways are you there for you?

I wonder what could be one thing you could do this week to show you are there for you…?

It doesn't have to be big...it could be holding a boundary, asking for help, saying, "No".

I’m passionate about sharing tools for you to be there for you.
If you could do with support around setting boundaries, saying, "No", and being there for you, then take a peek at my new program, Step into Calm