What happens when you’ve tried everything…

mama happiness Feb 15, 2020


As a mum, I bet that no matter what hurdles you’ve faced, you’ve stepped back, regrouped, sought more information, then continued forward.


Think about all the new things you had to learn after you became a mum…how to bath your baby, feed, sooth and settle, and everything after that! Plus all the developmental milestones!


But what happens when you put the effort in, try everything, and you just can’t get over the hurdle?


Maybe you’re in a similar situation right now…you’re putting in so much effort, still feeling unfulfilled, guilty, then blaming yourself, thinking…


“Maybe I’m just not trying hard enough…”


But what if you are?


What if it’s not about how much effort you’re putting in? What if it’s not about effort at all…what if you’re not supposed to jump that hurdle…?


I experienced this while living in Italy. It’s a beautiful country, with amazing food (hello gelato!), great wine, and the warmest people you’ll ever meet.


I integrated amongst the locals, learnt the language, went to yoga, pilates, did personal training, started learning the piano, developed deep connections with both Italians and expats living there…yet…I came to realise that it was not my ‘thriving’ place.

I missed my family, my friends, being able to express myself in my native language and even though I developed life-long friendships, at times I felt lonely. I missed being able to go to an inspiring workshop with an English speaker, hang-out with friends who’ve known me since Kindergarten, and most of all, I missed being able to have coaching conversations with clients.

And so, even though my husband, and my three kids were happy there, I wasn’t.


So, as a family we decided to come back to Sydney after 3.5 years in Italy.


I’m sharing this with you, because you matter.

Your happiness matters.


You get to set the rules, or at least put your hand up and say:


“The status-quo is not working for me”.

Maybe there’s something that’s not working in your life right now…it could be a friendship that needs to come to an end, or you’re not feeling fulfilled at home.


Up until now, you’ve been giving yourself reasons to stay with the status quo.


I wonder what opportunities would open up if you started asking yourself:

“What’s possible for me?”

“What would it look like ‘if’…”


I’d love to see you step into your own power and make choices aligned with your truth.


It might not be easy…in fact, it might be really hard.

But you were born to do hard things – you’re a mother after all.


To Your Happiness,