“It changed my whole outlook on how I look at myself and the others in my life so I cannot thank Marija enough for this experience. We spend far too much time thinking about others when we should be thinking about ourselves, we are our number one priority so we must nurture ourselves first. As wife, mother and friend we forget sometimes and we lose the ability to be able to do this so I would have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone looking to improve themselves and be the best person they can be!”  


“I found out a lot about myself.  It increased my self-confidence and wellbeing, and decreased stress . I can now look at difficult situations from a different perspective.  I reached my goals and realised that change is possible. I let go of the past - it healed me."  



“It is worth the money and time investment if you want to address how you think and how you succeed in life. It will both challenge and inspire you and Marija is a great person to take you through this journey.”


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It's hard to know where to start after you've lost your identity in motherhood. All you know is that you want to find the 'her' in mother again. You're in the right place - start here...


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